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1.个人情况( Personal background)

(1)个人信息(Personal information)

(2)家庭信息(Family information)

(3)学校信息(School information)

(4)兴趣与爱好(Interests and hobbies)

(5)工作与职业(Jobs and careers)


2.家庭、朋友与周围的人(Family, friends and people around)

(1)家人和亲友(Family and relatives)


(3)其他人(Other people)


3.居住环境( Living environment)

(1)房屋与住所(Houses and apartments)

(2)居室(Rooms in homes)

(3)家具和家庭用品(Furniture and household items)



4.日常活动( Daily routines)

(1)家庭生活(Life at home)

(2)学校生活(School life)

(3)周末活动(Weekend activities)


5.学校( School)

(1)学校设施(School facilities)

(2)学校人员(People at school)

(3)学习科目(School subjects)

(4)学校活动(School activities)


6.个人兴趣( Personal interests)

(1)游戏与休闲(Games and leisure)





7.情感与情绪( Feelings and moods)




8.人际交往(Interpersonal communication)

(1)社会行为(Social behaviour)

(2)合作与交流(Cooperation and communication)


9.计划与安排(Plans and arrangements)




10.节假日活动(Festivals, holidays and celebrations)

(1)节日与假日(Festivals and holidays)




(1)购物计划(Shopping plan)




(5)个人喜好(Personal preference)


12.饮食(Food and drinks)



(3)饮食习俗(Eating customs)

(4)点餐(Ordering food and drinks)


13.卫生与健康(Hygiene and health)

(1)身体部位(Parts of body)

(2)体育健身(Physical fitness and exercise)

(3)个人卫生(Personal hygiene)


(5)健康饮食(Healthy diet)

(6)医疗(Medical care)


14.安全与救护(Safety and first aid)

(1)安全守则(Safety rules)


(3)急救(First aid)




(1)天气情况(Weather  conditions)

(2)天气预报(Weather report)

(3)衣着与天气(Appropriate dressing for the weather)


16.文娱与体育(Recreation and sports)

(1)电影与戏剧(Movies and theater)

(2)音乐与舞蹈(Music and dance)

(3)体育与赛事(Sports and matches)


17.旅游和交通(Travel and transport)


(2)交通运输方式(Modes of transportation)

(3)交通标志(Traffic signs)

(4)使用地图(Reading maps)



(1)写信(Writing letters)

(2)打电话(Making phone calls)

(3)使用互联网(Using the Internet)


19.语言学习(Language learning)

(1)语言学习经历(Language learning experiences)

(2)语言与文化(Language and culture)

(3)语言学习策略(Language learning strategies)

(4)体态语(Body language)



(1)动物和植物(Animals and plants)

(2)山川与河流(Mountains and rivers)



(5)人与自然(Man and nature)


21.世界与环境(The world and the environment)

(1)国家与民族(Countries and nationalities)

(2)环境保护(Environmental protection)



22.科普知识与现代技术(Popular science and modern technology)

(1)数字与数据(Figures and data)

(2)科普知识(Popular science)

(3)发明与技术(Inventions and technological advances)

(4)信息技术(Information technology)


23.历史与社会(History and society)

(1)中国历史与世界历史(History of China and the world)

(2)著名人物(Famous people)


24.故事与诗歌(Stories and poems)



(3)短剧(Short plays)



2019年书面表达话题重点关注: 思维品质,文化品格(传统文化、历史与社会),家庭、朋友与周围的人,计划与安排,居住环境、世界与环境等。下面为一些参考范文,同学们在空闲时间可以熟读。








什么是真正的美?是仅仅外在的美,还是内在的美德呢?某英文报社正在就这一话题开展征文活动。请以“Beauty in my mind”为题,写一篇短文向该报社投稿。内容包括:

1. 阐述你的观点;

2. 说说你身边一件美的事或一个美的人;




Beauty in my mind

We all like beautiful things, but have different views about beauty. Some people think that they own beauty if they have good appearances. In my mind, a really beautiful person is the one with the qualities of kindness, honesty and strong will.

On a cold morning last winter, I saw a moving scene when I was buying breakfast in a breakfast shop. A girl bought a sandwich and a glass of hot milk in the breakfast shop. When she was about to leave, she found a beggar who looked so cold and hungry near the breakfast shop. To help the beggar, the girl went close to him and offered her food to him. The beggar accepted the food gratefully, and the girl went away with a beautiful smile on her face.At that moment, I saw the real beauty from the girl’s smile.

        Let’s be a real beautiful person!











In my point of view,all of us should save...




In my point of view,all of us should save water. People can't live without water. But the real situation is that the shortage of water is becoming a serious problem in many parts of the world due to growing population and the pollution of the rivers and lakes.

To deal with the water problem, we can do something to avoid wasting water in our life. Firstly, we should remember to reuse water. For example, the water left over after washing vegetables can be used to water plants or to clean the floor. Secondly, we had better limit our shower time. Also, we can call on more people to save water in different ways.

         In short, water holds great value to human beings. Let's do as much as we can to save water.











Giving is Receiving

I’m a student from Green Middle School. My name is LiMing....




Giving is Receiving

I’m a student from Green Middle School. My name is Li Ming. I like helping others because I think it makes me very happy. I often help my classmates with their schoolwork. Sometimes I help clean up city parks. I go to the old people’s home and do some cleaning for them once a month. So I’m pretty popular there. I often visit the children’s hospital to cheer the sick kids up. I read stories and sing songs for them. I am good with children. I also give money to charities to help people in trouble.

      I think giving is receiving. Helping others is helping ourselves. Do you agree with me?










1. 你的观点;

2. 阐述你的理由(2~3点);

3. 谈谈你的感受。




Should students do housework?Different people have different ideas about this problem.Some people think students should pay attention to their study.It's unnecessary for them to do housework.高分句型一】While other people think  students should help out with housework because it can help them understand the idea of fairness.(关于做家务的不同观点)

As a middle school student,I think we should share housework with our parents.(我的观点)First,we  have too much pressure at school.Doing housework is a good way to relax ourselves.Second,we always sit too long.Doing housework is good for our health.高分句型二】Third,our parents are tired after work.Sharing housework can improve our relationship with them.(应该做家务的理由)I can help my mother do something I can do. Such as,do some cleaning, wash and fold clothes, cook some simple food and so on.(能做的事情)

So, I think it necessary for us to do some housework.(总结全文)




某英文报社正就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为“How to keep a good relationship with parents”的征文活动。内容包括:

1. 你认为父母存在问题(1~2点);

2. 你对这些问题的看法;

3. 你与父母保持良好关系的做法(不少于2点)。




How to keep a good relationship with parents




How to keep a good relationship with parents

In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. My parents never allow me to go out with my friends at night. They don’t allow me to choose my own clothes, either. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don’t quite understand me.

However, I try my best to understand them. Although they don’t allow me to make my own decisions and give me too much pressure, I know that it is because they really love me and want me to have a bright future.

       In order to keep a good relationship with my parents, I study hard, listen to them, talk to them as friends, tell them my troubles, and help them do more housework.





幸福是什么?幸福是父母为你营造的温馨的家,幸福是老师望向你的赞许的目光,幸福是孤独时朋友送来的一杯奶茶,幸福是……请你以“My happiness”为话题,写一篇短文。内容包括:











My happiness

Happiness is important in our life. In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it.

I will never forget one thing. Once, I had a bad mark at a math test. I was shy and afraid to meet my parents. But when I got back home late, my parents knew what happened, they said to me: “It doesn’t matter, my child. Remember we’ll be always beside you when you need help. We believe you can be better next time. Never give up!” I was moved and made up my mind to work harder and harder.

      I feel happy. Whenever I am in trouble, I can feel my parents’ love. I want to be a good child for my parents.




灿烂星空,谁是真的英雄?”为中国崛起做出突出贡献的科学家是英雄,为祖国赢得荣誉的人是英雄;冒着生命危险冲进火海的消防战士是英雄,为保护人民生命财产而直面歹徒的人民警察是英雄;在平凡岗位上默默奉献的人是英雄……请你以“The Hero in My Heart”为题,写一篇短文。内容包括:












The Hero in My Heart

As we know, most people have heroes in their hearts. For meLiu Xiang is the hero in my heart. He is a famous Chinese sportsman.

Liu Xiang is good at running. In 2004he won his first Olympic gold medal in the men’s 110m hurdles event in Athens. Then, he set a world record in the same event in Lausanne. Besides training and taking part in competitions, Liu Xiang also likes singing and he sings well. 

With his hard work, he is winning competitions one after another. This encourages me to study harder from now on.












July 7 to 9, 2018


Competitions, shows

History of Wushu

Thousands of years

Benefits(益处)of Wushu


1.    武术节举办的时间及主要活动;

2.    简单介绍中华武术(至少两个方面);

3.    表达你的期待。





Dear Henry,

I am glad that you are interested in Chinese Kung fu.                                           



Li Hua




Dear Henry,

I am glad that you are interested in Chinese kung fu. Here I've got good news for you. The first kung fu festival of our school is going to be held from July 7 to 9, 2019. I'd like to invite you to the festival. You can watch many kung fu competitions and enjoy wonderful shows.


Chinese kung fu has a history of thousands of years. Practicing kung fu is a good way to improve our health. Besides, it helps us to develop strong wills. Most of us like it very much. I hope you will come and experience Chinese kung fu culture.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Li Hua











With the development of the activity of reading English classics,our school has had a discussion about whether it is necessary for middle schoolstudents to read English classics.                                            






With the development of the activity of reading English classics, our school has had a discussion about whether it is necessary for middle school students to read English classics. I think reading English classics is not only necessary but also important. First, we can learn a lot about Western history and culture by reading. Second, by reading classics we can enlarge our vocabulary and improve our writing. Finally, it can help us with our lifelong learning. So I often spend my free time reading English classics.

I am in the Reading Club. And I often take notes while reading. What’s more, I sometimes ask the teacher for help if I have difficulty reading books.

If some students are weak in English, they can read the short and easy English stories at the very beginning. Well begun is half done. Next, they should keep reading and never give up. Then their English will be improved little by little.




中国主要传统节日ChineseTraditional Festival

1.春节(农历一月一日)the Spring Festival

2.除夕(农历十二月三十日)the New Year’s Eve

3.中秋节(农历八月十五)the Mid-Autumn Festival

4.元宵节(农历一月十五)the Lantern Festival

5.端午节(农历五月初五)the Dragon Boat Festival

6.清明节(45日)the Qingming Festival / the Tomb-Sweeping Day

7.重阳节(农历九月九日)the Double Ninth Festival

8.元旦(11日)New Year’s Day

新年习俗 New Year Customs

过年celebrate the Spring Festival

拜年pay a New Year visit; give New Year’sgreetings

看春节联欢晚会watch the CCTV New Year’s Gala

贴春联put up/paste Spring Festival couplets

串亲戚pay a New Year visit to relatives and friends

逛庙会go to the temple fair

看花灯watch flower lanterns

放鞭炮set off firecrackers; let off firecrackers

放烟花set off fireworks

春联the Spring Festival couplets

剪纸paper cut paper-cut

压岁钱gift money; money given to children asa lunar new year gift

舞龙dragon dance(to expect good weatherand good harvests)(play dragondance)

lion dance(the lion is believed to beable to dispel evil and bring good luck)

中国主要传统文化ChineseTraditional Culture

剪纸paper cut

中国结Chinese knot


脸谱facial mask

京剧Being Opera/Peking Opera

太极拳Tai Chi

汉字Chinese character


中国功夫Kung fu

儒家文化Confucian culture

中国传统戏曲Chinese traditional opera

传统中国建筑traditional Chinese architecture


著名景点 Places of Interest in Beijing

胡同Maoer Hutong

故宫the Forbidden City; the Palace Museum

颐和园the Summer Palace

圆明园the Yuanmingyua Park

长城the Great Wall

天安门广场Tian’anmen Square

天坛the Temple of Heaven

鸟巢the Bird Nest

水立方the Water Cube

香山the Fragrant Hill

国家博物馆the National Museum of China















How time flies! Three years of junior highschool has gone by before we know it.







每个人都生活在一个特定的环境,请以“What I like about where I live”为题,用英语写一篇短文。内容包括:







What I like aboutwhere I live 


65( June 5)是世界环境保护日, 我们周围的环境变得越来越糟糕,污染越来越严重。环境问题影响着人们的工作,学习,生活等,而我们的工作,生活,生产等又使环境污染越来越严重......如何保护我们的环境? 请以“ How to protect/save our environment/world ”为题写一篇短文。内容包括:

1. 谈谈我们的环境存在哪些问题及其危害;

2. 就如何改善环境提出建议(3~4点);  

3. 发出号召。





1. It’s our duty to save water

2. As we know, water is very important to man,

3. We can’t live without water.

4. The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less.

5. But some people don’t care about it.

6. Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Something must be done to stop the pollution.

7. It’s our duty to protect our environment

8. It is very important to take care of our environment

9. We should not throw litter onto the ground

10. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees

11. We should plant more flowers and trees

12. We must pick up some rubbish and throw it into a dustbin

13. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.

14. Trees are very helpful and important for us.

15. We should plant more and more trees in order to live better and more healthy in the future.

16. It’s everyone’s duty to love and protect the environment

In recent days, we have to face I problem____________A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, ____________(说明A的现状). Second,  ____________(举例进一步说明现状)

Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing,  ____________(解决方法一). For another ____________(解决方法二). Finally, ____________(解决方法三)

Personally, I believe that____________(我的解决方法)

Consequently, Im confident that a bright future is waiting us because ____________(带来的好处).






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